The Ideal Software for Integrated
Stock Management

With Over 26 Years of experience with stock management software, Tecfinity is the answer to your inventory management needs. Tecfinity Warehouse Management Software works ideally for both Retail and Wholesale applications and makes managing and tracking high volumes of stock a breeze.

Modular Software Means
a Customisable Solution

Our software solution comes in multiple, stand-alone modules. This means that you can pick and choose which parts of your business needs to maximise its efficiency. From a complete software solution for a business start-up, to a single module to be integrated into an existing system, Tecfinity is the ultimate Stock Tracking Software for any Retail or Wholesale business.

If you are unsure of what software modules you need, one of our consultants can be dispatched to will gladly assist you to complete do an on-site process and stock analysis to ensure that we provide the right warehouse stock management solution for your business.

Extremely Powerful

The power of Tecfinity lies in its customizability. Tecfinity allows the tracking off all kinds of stock across any amount of volume. Whether you need inventory tracking for paint & hardware, stationery or even textiles, Tecfinity Stock Management Software allows for the any item to be tracked.

The Custom indexing of Tecfinity means that stock can be tracked through serial numbers, barcodes, RFID tags, BIN Number Allocations or any other unique identifying aspect. Tecfinity Software also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, ensuring user accessibility which in turn increases data accuracy and reduces stock loss.

Tecfinity – The Name
You Can Trust

With over 2500 users worldwide, Tecfinity builds itself on the core values of Integrity, Precision, Innovation and Accuracy. We have built an International Footprint that we can be proud of. If you feel that Tecfinity is the right warehouse inventory software for your business, contact us today!

Tecfinity Features

Electronic Stock Catalogue

Integrates With An Electronic Parts Catalogue


Branch Connections via Telkom (ADSL or DIGINET)

Modular Software

Point of Sale, Invoicing, Debtors, Creditors, Purchase Orders, Order Entry, Workshop, Cash Book and General ledger

User Based 

Single users can be added as and when required

Stock Control

Buyouts, Deposits, Counts, Bin Locations, Stock Outs, Lost Sales

Procurement of Stock

Auto Calculates, Min, Max, Danger Levels based on past sales

Stock Classification

A, B, C, D, Z and N movement calculated on past sales

Stock Cross Referencing

 Unlimited stock number cross referencing

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